How many times throughout the course of the election have you heard someone say, “I’m moving to Canada.”  Chances are, probably a lot.  Last night during the election coverage, Canada’s immigration website actually crashed. The crash happened last night around 11pm.  The site’s page has redirected to an error message on and off since the […]

The gunman allegedly shot two of his siblings at home before making his way to the school.

A Black man seeking refugee status in Canada found himself returning to the United States after his application was denied last month. Kyle Lydell Canty visited British Columbia last year and decided to stay, citing that police in his native country were essentially targeting Black people and exterminating them. VICE reports: Kyle Lydell Canty said […]


Detroiters without running water have a special delivery coming from Canada, if it can get past the border guards. Eight cars loaded with 264 gallons…

WASHINGTON (AP) — In diplomatically polite terms, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper remained at odds Wednesday over a proposed oil pipeline from Canada through the United States, with Obama showing no interest in speeding up a project that the Canadian leader sees as vital to his nation’s economy. SEE ALSO: Obama […]

Many clubs discriminate against people due to looks but a club in Montreal let it be known that they discriminate against overweight people. MONTREAL – Although a Montreal nightclub is distancing itself from an invitation on its Facebook page that specified “NO FAT GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!” people familiar with the local party scene say clubs regularly […]