The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For August 31, 2015. (Interview With Bail Bond Agents Starts At 6:00 Mark On PODCAST Media Player).  Bail is a Constitutional Right in Indiana.  Section 17 of Indiana’s Constitution states that  “Excessive bail shall not be required. All penalties shall be proportioned to the nature of the offense.” Section 18 of […]

UPDATED INFO! Community Anger continues towards the proposal by IPS to radically change how high school graduations are conducted.  On Tuesday’s Afternoons with Amos, listeners were UNIFORMLY opposed and angry at the proposals.  Many listeners were insluted at the suggestion of an IPS PR person who told Afternons with Amos listeners that one reason for […]

UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION: Services have been set for Glenn L. Howard, the feisty, outspoken community activist, who served our African-American community as a member of the City County Council and as a State Senator who died Monday evening (July 2nd) after a long illness.  He was 72. Calling for Glenn Howard will be this […]