Bishop Eddie Long is not the first preacher who ranted against homosexuality, who in turn was accused of being gay. There have been several others, all who have been accused of carrying out homosexual affairs in the bedroom, while raging against gays in the pulpit. Here are 5 ministers who preached against homosexuality in public […]

The military threw out hundreds of service members in 2009 for violating its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, including a disproportionate number of women and minorities and dozens of service members in “mission critical” positions, according to a new analysis of military data.

JESUS was GAY – according to the gospel of SIR ELTON JOHN. The singer makes his controversial claim about the Lord in a new US interview that will enrage America’s bible belt. Elton, 62, declares as he pours out his heart to a magazine: “I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood […]

According to Pastor Donnie McClurkin has shown no tolerance for homosexuality calling gays “vampires”  and “perversions.” His anti-gay rants were videotaped at the Church of God in Christ’s Holy Convocation Youth Service in Memphis last weekend and were uploaded to McClurkin, who is admittedly ex-gay, lambasted Tonex, the gospel star who recently confirmed […]

By Jesse Washington, National Writer/Race & Ethnicity Gay is the new black, say the protest signs and magazine covers, casting the gay marriage battle as the last frontier of equal rights for all.

From Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish: This is from an interview with a very experienced and committed African-American lesbian activist in California: Did anyone come and say, “Hey, we need to do outreach in the African-American community together?” Absolutely not, in fact the message I got from a key person in the No on […]