ABBOTTOBAD, PAKISTAN-Investigators who searched Osama Bin Laden’s compound found a large stash of pornography, Reuters reports: The pornography recovered in bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, consists of modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive, according to the officials, who discussed the discovery with Reuters on condition of anonymity. The officials said they were […]

An article on The Root discusses Africa’s developing pornography industry, and the growing number of young adults that aspire to earn a living from it. The Root reports: Hundreds of young men and women in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and elsewhere are all trying to join the […]

QUEENS-Candice Connor is claiming that a “Diego” DVD, a popular educational television show for children, that she bought at Toys “R” Us for her children was actually a pornographic DVD. The New York Daily News reports: Candice Connor’s jaw dropped when she and her two young boys sat down to watch the cartoon about the […]

Clarence Thomas’s ex girlfriend, Lillian McEwan recently had an interview with the Washington Post and disclosed some information on the Supreme Court Justice who’s sexual harassment allegations have been resurfaced after his wife, Virginia Thomas left a voicemail for Anita Hill, who accused him of sexual harassment in 1991. Here are some excerpts from the […]