Get In the Know With Kim’s Monday News & Sports Headlines It’s wet and a little snowy this morning so be cautious as you make your morning commute. Indy Snow Force was activated Sunday night to combat icy patches caused by a mixture of rain and snow.  The Department of Public Works says drivers should leave plenty […]


Many people want to do what they can to help the residents of Flint through it’s water crisis.  Filmmaker Michael Moore says, “Unfortunately, the honest answer to your offer of help is, sadly, you can’t.”  Many disagree and believe they can help, as thousands of bottles of water are being sent to Flint daily. Moore wrote […]

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mark Wahlberg are the latest celebrities to donate to the Flint, Michigan water crisis.  Combs and Wahlberg own a California based beverage company together, called AQUAhydrate.  Together they pledged to donate 1 million bottles of water to the residents of Flint. Flint residents do not have safe drinking water, due to the […]

Get In the Know With Kim’s Friday News & Sports Headlines Snowy weather in the nation leads Friday’s headlines on this day that we stop to remember the legendary singer Sam Cooke on his birthday (videos below). Forecasters say the huge snowstorm they expect to begin pounding the Mid-Atlantic today could truly make history. The […]