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Can you believe that this is the final week of 2010?  It seems like I blinked and the year was over. I don’t know about you but it seems like this year flew by. I think one of the reasons I feel this way is that  I was so busy trying to handle life that I am not sure that I took time out to actually live it. I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed or at least appreciated each day that was given to me. And for that reason, if nothing else I have to make sure that I handle 2011 and beyond differently.

As I ponder the end of this year, instead of making resolutions that I might or might not stick to, I decided to set life goals.

During Sunday’s service, we were challenged to create a personal development plan as follows:

1. Highlight at least five key areas that you want to improve in 2011

2. Under each specified area highlight what you would like to improve and how you plan to accomplish your goal. Be strategic in setting your goals.

3. Find an accountability partner that will help you stay focused and ensure your success.

One major key to your success is to ELIMINATE all negativity that attempts to surround you, including friends, situations or circumstances. Surround yourself with positivity. If that means changing your crowd, doing things differently, or making a self adjustment, do what needs to be done in order to usher peace and tranquility into your life.

Another key factor to your success is to be sure to decide and define who you are and what you are about. Write out your annual mission and vision statement; each day determine to purse each with diligence.

In the Bible, the book of Lamentations 3:22-25 states that each morning we are given new mercies and for that I am grateful!  Choose to celebrate those new mercies by making the most out of each and every day. If you are as guilty as I am, from this moment on be sure to LIVE, ENJOY and APPRECIATE each day that you are given.

Let’s choose to end 2010 strong and begin 2011 with a vengeance.

I wish you much success!


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