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AFTERNOONS WITH AMOS EXCLUSIVE – A detailed report on how to improve the hiring and promotion of African-Americans, Hispanics, other minorities and women on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indianapolis Fire Department has been obtained by Afternoons with Amos.  The report was prepared by the Public Safety Diversity Task Force, a multi-racial, bipartisan committee headed by Indianapolis Urban League President and former Deputy Mayor Joe Slash, Rev. Richard Willoughby and the City of Indianapolis’ Director of Human Resources Bruce Henry.

The 88 page report contains numerous recommendations on improving minority recruitment, hiring and promotions.  Included in the recommendations are:  Create a dedicated financial budget to support recruitment activities and services.  Use social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Challenge the policy that officers and firefighters must live in the seven counties adjoining Marion County. Ensure that the police and fire training academies require cultural competency training. Give additional points in the hiring process for applicants who currently live in Marion County. Give additional hiring points for those with college and/or military backgrounds. Restore the policy that 20% of potential recruits and those considered for promotion be hired and promoted based upon the need of the department, not just the score on a test.

The full report of the Committee is available below.

Public Safety Diversity Task Force Final Report