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Where is Your Life Headed?

Part 3

By now, you have completed the mini-self assessment and have begun utilizing the start-up tips to enhance your life.  In this topic, we will explore more in-depth advanced tools and tips for moving to a higher level of awareness and transformation.

As you may know by now, life transformation is not an over-night process.  It requires commitment, patience, discipline, and consistency.  Reward yourself as you see progress.

Following are more in-depth tips and behavior modifications to begin incorporating into your new routine.

1.      Practice patience – If you easily lose your temper, you can become more patient with these tips. Once you’ve developed this skill (and it’s a skill, like everything else, not an unchangeable inborn trait), your life will become much saner and you will be much happier.  Start small and then work your way up.

2.      Show more compassion – Compassion equates to empathy — the ability to understand how others feel can be developed through practice. Start by imagining the suffering of a loved one. Understand their pain, the emotions they go through, and why they would react the way they would. By learning this skill, you can apply it to others — for every person you see, try to understand what they are going through. Try to learn and understand more about their background, and why they react the way they do. Once you’ve developed this invaluable skill, learn the other half of compassion — acting on your understanding, and helping others, alleviating their suffering, acting with kindness.

3.      Discover your passion – When you discover your passion, your life takes on a whole new meaning. You will love your work, the thing that you spend 40 hours (or more) a week doing. You will become more productive, procrastinate less, be less stressed. You will produce something you are proud of, and happy about.

4.      Get organized – Having clutter in your personal space (at home or work) can throw you off balance and destroy your creativity.  Organization can also provide more energy and enhance your mood.

5.      Become a positive thinker – This is one of the single best changes you can make in your life that will lead to many more positive tips.   Again this requires patience in gaining control of your daily self-talk.  When you feel the impulse to complain or get caught up in office gossip, resist it and focus on an area of gratitude in your life.

6.      Envision your ideal life. What would your ideal life look like? Where would you live? What would you do?  What would you do with your time? Come up with a clear picture of this, and write it down. Now, one step at a time, make it come true.

7.      Set long-term goals – Your vision of your ideal life will help you come up with long-term goals. Of those goals, pick one to accomplish within the next 12 months, and focus on that.  Visualize it often.  Visit my website for implementing S.M.A.R.T. goals.

You can apply these new behavior methods and tips now to immediately add more joy, positivity, and zest to your life.  As you become more proficient, consistent, and persistent in these new behaviors, you will gradually begin to adopt a new mindset which will, in turn, improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

For more in-depth assessments and life coaching articles and help, visit my website at or email me directly at

Article by:

Cathy Holloway Hill

Certified Life Coach & Career Consultant

Author of “Emotional Bailout – 9 Principles for Rising When Your World is Falling”

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