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NEW ORLEANS–Keith Plessy and Phoebe Ferguson, descendatnts of the landmark Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson have joined forces to highlight to fight for racial equality.

The 1896 trail cemented Jim Crow as the law of the land, upholding the then legality of racial segregation in the U.S.

The two launched the Plessy & Ferguson foundation last week as a way to celebrate the the historic case and as a symbolic gesture of reconciliation.

“The first thing I said to her,” recalled Plessy, “was, ‘Hey, it’s no longer Plessy versus Ferguson. It’s Plessy and Ferguson.’ ”

Her first reaction was to apologize.

“I don’t know why,” she said in an interview. “It’s just that I felt the burden of it, this great injustice.”

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