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Not only did Ron Paul (R-Texas) produce newsletters spewing hate and ignorance towards minorities; he also voted against MLK Day, TheRoot  reports.


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Paul’s voting record in the house was scrutinized during this weekend’s GOP presidential debates in New Hampshire. (Mainly for his unsuccessful attempts to pass any meaningful legislation) But this what was not discussed was his refusal to support the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

While his supports link to a file claiming he did vote for MLK Day, the facts say otherwise:

But this actually isn’t the bill for the holiday. The text doesn’t even claim that. More importantly, the date is wrong. This vote was taken on December 5, 1979. The vote for the King holiday was actually taken on November 13, 1979:

The bill was called up in the House on Tuesday, November 13, 1979 … When the final vote was taken, 252 Members voted for the bill and 133 against — five votes short of the two-thirds needed for passage.

I’m sorry to report that one of those Nay votes, as you can see here, was cast by one Ronald Paul. I’m sorry to further report that Paul again voted no on the 1983 bill that passed.

Read more on Ron Paul’s anti-MLK Day voting record in TheRoot.


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