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Football season is in full swing and the time for fun before and after the game is essential. So when it comes to tailgating make sure you are not shelling out our hard-earned money. Here are some tips to make tailgating a fun, festive and financially fiscal experience!

Join Forces With Others

Chances are you’re probably not tailgating alone, so join forces with the others in your group to save money. Plan a menu and have each person bring one dish or beverage that fits the menu! everyone loves a potluck!

Invite Lots Of Folks!

Remember the old saying…”the more the merrier”? The same principle is true for tailgating. The more folks you invite the more choices you have for food and the less you have to spend.

Purchase Food and Supplies in Advance And Buy in Bulk

If you are planning a tailgating party in October, start shopping in September. This can save a lot of money because you can shop the sales and look out for specials. You will also have time to stock up and look for great buys on bulk items at places like Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club. Even the dollar store will have all sorts of necessities like napkins, plastic silverware, decorations, and more.

Drive As Few Cars As You Can

Not only should you know your tailgating venue, but take as few cars to the party. Instead of separate cars for your big football pre-party, arrange a meeting place before the game and have everyone pile into only the vehicles needed to carry all the party items, foods and the people.

Bring The Party Home!

If you are not able to tailgate the conventional way, have a party at your home! That way you save on costs and friends do not have to make plans to travel to a stadium that is located miles away! Ask folks to bring the beverages and food and have a mighty good time with memorable football fun!

Watch the video below for great food ideas for your tailgating party

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