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Summer here, and along with it comes a long list of travel plans. Whether you’re planning a long weekend at the beach, traveling for wedding weekends with friends or finding time to connect with family all around the globe, here are a few tips for making the most of your travel budget and finding the best flight deals this summer.

1. Consider which days of the week holidays fall on: As Labor Day approaches, that generally means a spike in fares and long lines at the airport. Try extending your trip for a couple extra days after the holiday to avoid the crowds. If you can stay till Wednesday, consider doing so.

2. Be flexible with your travel dates. The more flexible you are, the better airfare you can get. For great deals, consider midweek flights rather than focusing your search on Friday and Sunday travel days. You can often save up to 50% on fares by traveling on less popular dates such as Tuesday and Wednesday.

3. Do your research and compare. There are great fares out there! Take the time to do some “comparison shopping” Visit the website of multiple airlines. While doing this, it’s important to pay attention to blackout dates when researching air sales. Don’t rely only on published sales. Many times an airlines’ website will have great and unadvertised low fares. Also for an even better deal, check both airline websites such as American and United as well as online travel agents such as Orbitz and Expedia.

4. Is there a regional airport in your area? Consider flying out of that one. Flying out of a regional airport may help you save money instead of using the big, home airport. Regional airports can also be less crowded on your travel dates. It is always best to compare fares if you have two convenient airports in your area.

Watch the video below for additional summer time airfare travel tips:

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