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After a whirlwind week when his Republican opponent’s hateful words created a firestorm of protest, Democratic US Senate candidate Joe Donnelly appeared on Afternoons with Amos in his last interview before November 6th election.  Donnelly again made the case for why he’s running for Senate, to provide jobs and opportunity for Hoosiers.  Donnelly was asked what he thought when during the debate his GOP opponent Richard Murdock said that “God intended for rape”. Donnelly said at the moment he wasn’t sure he heard what he’d heard. So he didn’t react. It wasn’t until after the debate, he told listeners, that he realized his opponent’s remarks. Remarks Donnelly strongly disagrees with. Donnelly gave no interviews on the situation to national media, preferring to talk to Indiana media saying “my job is to work for Hoosiers”. Glenda Ritz, the Democratic candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction strongly blasted her Republican opponent Dr. Tony Bennett calling his reforms dangerous and radical.  During her final interview on Afternoons with Amos, Ritz blasted Bennett’s efforts to harm public schools.  She condemned the state’s “A-F” grading system for schools and school districts, calling it dangerously flawed.  Ritz promised to bring sensible solutions to Indiana’s schools if elected.  She said that during her campaign she was finding growing numbers of Democrats, Republicans, independents and “even Tea Party” members opposing the changes Indiana’s made to public schools in recent years. Libertarian candidate for Governor Rupert Boneham told Afternoons with Amos listeners the importance of working to provide employment opportunities for ex-offenders.  Boneham, the star of two Survivor series, works with ex-offenders to find them jobs and a meaningful life.  He raised those issues and more during his gubernatorial campaign.  Rupert said more government decision making in the state needs to made at the local level, with less mandates from the capital Indianapolis. Rupert said he learned lots during the campaign and is optimistic he’ll gain more voters than any other statewide Libertarian candidate in Indiana history.

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