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Here’s the link to the Final 100% unofficial returns for the election in Indianapolis/Marion County.  Analysis of the election for our Election Night Live Blog is below the link.

2012 General Election Results Indianapolis/Marion County

11:10pm – UPDATE -In a another stunner by Democrats in Indianapolis/Marion County, with all precincts counted, Democrat Christina Hale has defeated Republican Cindy Noe by 44 votes in House District 87 on Indy’s north and northeast sides.  That’s a second pickup of a Republican legislative seat in the city/county.

10:25pm – With 94% of Indianapolis/Marion County’s vote in, 56.3% of the city/county’s registered voters voted today. At least 336,000.  While that’s less than the 382,000 that voted in 2008, its higher than the 324,000 that voted in 2004.  And the 56.3% of registered voters figure is HIGHER than the 54.7% who voted in 2008.

10:10pm – A huge victory for democrats in Marion County this Election Day.  Marion County voters gave a 105,000 vote margin to send Senator-elect Joe Donnelly to the US Senate. City/county voters delivered a 70,000 vote margin to Glenda Ritz in her race for Supt of Public Instruction against Dr. Tony Bennett giving Ritz a slim statewide lead.  President Barack Obama crushed Mitt Romney in the city/county and John Gregg soundly defeated Mike pence but their huge margins here weren’t enough to carry them to victory in the state.  Democrats won the three countywide officers of Treasurer, Coroner and Surveyor.  They held on to the legislative seats they held and added an additional seat with the victory on the westside by Karlee Macer and in late news maybe on the verge of winning a second legislative seat from Republicans with a possible narrow victory by Christina Hale.

9:30pm – In other school board races. In Lawrence Township School Board At Large seat, Matt Brown beat April Adjai. Adjai was trying to be the first Black board member in several years on the Lawrence Township School Board.  In Lawrence School District 1 Wendy Muston beat two challengers. And in District 3 Carol Helmus was unopposed. In the Pike School Board race, with 74% of the vote counted, the top four vote getters right now are Charlisa Richardson, Nancy Poore, Larry Metzler and Eric Huffine.  Right behind them is Ricky Hence. Some 600 votes separates Hence from Huffine. Not sure if Hence can make up that difference. In Warren Township, with 59% of the vote counted, the top 4 vote getters right now are: Rachel Burke, Julie French, Susan Switzer and Jim Ledbetter. Next behind Ledbetter in fifth place is Randy George. The margin between the two is some 70 votes. Can’t call this race yet either.  And in Wayne Township School Board incumbents Shirley Deckard, Phyllis Lewis and Patricia (Trish) Logan have all been re-elected. And in Washington Township School Board, in District 1, incumbent Wanda Spann-Roddy, who is African-American, has been re-elected. As has Jay Hill and Tony Dzwonar who were unopposed.

9:15pm – We can now say that a massive change in the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners has occurred. Three new board members were elected tonight.  Sam Olde easily won the IPS At Large seat by over 10,000 votes against Larry Vaughn with 70% of the vote in. In District 1, Caitin Hannon has won with 67% of the vote against two challengers. In IPS District 2 Gayle Cosby has won with 74% of the vote against three challengers.  And In IPS District 4, incumbent Diane Arnold was unopposed.

8:55pm – Two third of Indy’s vote is in.  here’s what we know. President Obama is winning Indianapolis/Marion County by 40,000 votes over Mitt Romney. John Gregg is leading Mike Pence here by 42,000 votes. Again with 65% of vote counted.  In the Senate race, Joe Donnelly is crushing Richard Mourdock in Indy by a stunning 68,000 votes. And Glenda Ritz is beating Tony Bennett for Supt of Public Instruction here by 43,000 votes.  democrats have swept the three countywide offices. All incumbent Democratic state Senators and State Representatives from the city/county have been e re-elected as has newcomer Rep-elect Robin Shackleford who was unopposed to succeed Rep. Bill Crawford. Democrats are leading in two other state representative seats. With 78% of the vote counted in House District 92, Karlee Macer is leading Republican Tim Motsinger by 1,000 votes. If Macer wins that would be Democratic pick up of a seat. In House District 97, Democrat Justin Moed is leading Republican AJ Feeney-Ruiz by 1,500 votes with 67% counted.  That would be a Democratic hold of a seat.  Also id House District 100 newcomer Dan Forrestal has defeated Scott Keller in the seat held by retiring Rep. John Day. Another Democratic hold.

8:35pm – With now 49% of the vote in for Indianapolis/Marion County we can say that Democrats have retained control of the three countywide offices up for election this year. Incumbent Coroner Dr, Frank Lloyd has been re-elected winning over Dr. Ed Eppler 60% to 40%. Incumbent Surveyor Debra Jenkins wins over Jeff Kondy by the same 60% to 40% margin. And Claudia Fuentes, who took the place of retiring County Treasurer Mike Rodman last year, has won election in her own right beating Jason Woodruff 58% to 42%. Fuentes becomes the first Latino to win a constitutional countywide office in Marion County.

8:30pm – 42% of Indy’s vote in. And it looks like a Democratic Party sweep in the state’s biggest city and county. President Obama leads Mitt Romney in Indy by 24,000 votes 58% to 40%. Joe Donnelly leads Richard Mourdock in the Senate race in Indy by 41,000 votes or62% to 31%. In the race for Governor, John Gregg continues to lead Mike Pence in the capitol city now by 27,000 votes or 57% to 37%. In the Attorney General, Kay Fleming is leading incumbent Greg Zoeller by 10,000 votes.  And in the surprising race for state school supt. Glenda Ritz leads Dr. Tony Bennett by 26,000 votes or 60% to 40%.

8:10pm – Andre Carson has been re-elected to Congress.  Network projects give the win to Carson for his third term in Congress.  Current totals with 38% of the vote counted give Carson a 16,000 vote lead over Carlos May 59% to 41%.

8:02pm – First look at IPS School Board results.  This race may be over quickly.  With 27% of the vote in in the IPS races, Sam Olde is far in the lead in the IPS At Large race. He leads Larry Vaughn by 3,900 votes or 62% to 38%. In the IPS District 1 race, Caitlin Hannon is far in the lead with 69% over her two opponents Jim Nixon and Larry Whiteman.  In the District 2 race, Gayle Cosby is also far in the lead with 72% of the vote over Elizabeth Gore, Sharon Dunston and Alvin Esper.  In the District 4 race incumbent Diane Arnold is unopposed.  Barring a sudden vote shift, the election marks a change from a board supportive of Supt. Dr. Eugene White by a 4-3 majority a board opposed to him by at least a 6 to 1 majority.

7:55pm – So far Marion County results are coming in slowly. Some 25% of the results are in in Indianapolis.  President Obama leads Mitt Romney by 14,000 votes 59.5% to 38.4%.  In the Senate race, Joe Donnelly is doing a bit better than the President, leading Richard Mourdock by 24,000 votes 63% to 30%. Four years ago in the Governor’s race Mitch Daniels was leading while President Obama was winning Indianapolis. This year far different. John Gregg is beating Mike Pence by 17,000 results in the early returns 58.8% to 35.5%, Libertarian Rupert Boneham is getting 5.6% of the vote.