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I absolutely love Matt Lauer but after reading this I am more than disappointed if this is true… Apparently The Today show is getting much lower ratings than Good Morning America…but the staff of the today show could be getting pink slips before the holiday season!!! If you made 30 million a year, would you agree to a pay cut to help save your co-workers’ jobs?

Come on Matt… it’s the right thing to do my friend…

Here’s the 411 on the situation…. Source: The Radar

NBC Universal may have announced layoffs in their entertainment division on Monday, but don’t expect TODAY show co-host Matt Lauer to agree to a pay cut to save anyone else’s bacon, is exclusively reporting.

Lauer, 54, is one of the main reasons that some staffers at the beleaguered morning news show are expecting to be handed pink slips after the holidays because of his whopping $30 million-a-year salary… but don’t think for one minute he will agree to having his wages slashed!

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