Two days after the dramatic announcement hat Dr. Eugene White is retiring as Superintendent of the Indianapolis Public Schools, he and IPS Board President Diane Arnold appeared on Afternoons with Amos to explain the situation. Both White and Arnold explained that his decision to retire and the Board’s decision to settle his contract was made in the best interests of moving IPS forward. Arnold praised Dr. White’s nearly eight years heading IPS and pledged that many of his programs and reforms would remain in effect.  Dr. White praised Arnold and the Board for their treatment of him and their desire to continue to move the district and its students forward.  Both explained the situation with Dr. White’s contract and payment of dollars due under the contract.  Both decried media criticism of White’s contract settlement by the Board. Moving forward, Arnold explained that the Board will be searching for an individual to run IPS as an “Interim Superintendent”. At the same time Arnold said that the district would also be moving to search for a permanent replacement for White.  In response to listener questions and concerns, both White and Arnold strong indicated that IPS was “strongly committed” to their plan for full day pre-kindergarden for 4 year olds; despite incorrect media reports earlier in the week.  And Arnold pledged that the community would be involved in helping the board decide the qualities IPS should be looking for in their next Superintendent. Click Below Hear Dr. White’s and Arnold’s comments and interactions with Amos and Listeners. Runs 40 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One 

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