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With new research linking pressure at work to heart disease in women, it’s more important than ever to take some time to unwind. Turn off the BlackBerry, take a break from tweeting and try one of these simple stress-relievers from experts and women like you from

1. Listen to music.

Studies show that listening to the music you like can have a positive impact on your life and happiness. Plus, music can trigger memories, give a sense of youthfulness and nostalgia, and take people into different places,” says Karol Ward, L.C.S.W., author of Find Your Inner Voice. “So put on your earphones and let those sounds take you from restless to restful.”

2. Start a blog.

Start a simple blog on something you’re passionate about. Blogging is a great outlet for channeling your thoughts while connecting and sharing your interests with others. “I love blogging during my ‘me’ time,” says Sunny Sea Gold, Glamour health editor and founder of “The stuff I blog about is body image and overcoming emotional eating, two things that are super close to my heart. The fact that I’m so passionate about it is what makes the writing so enjoyable and therapeutic. That and getting to know the amazing women who read and comment.”

3. Reorganize your life.

Living and working in a sea of clutter can stress you out without your even realizing it. Each week, spend a few hours clearing out your office or reorganizing your apartment. “Cleaning is therapeutic,” says Elizabeth Kari, 21, from Chicago. “It creates order in my life, and I always feel ready to begin the next day with a fresh, clear start.”

4. Take a power nap.

That’s right. Sleep doctor Michael Breus suggests spending your “me” time sleeping. Just a quick 25-minute power nap and you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to get up and go. To get the most out of this time, try spraying a lavender mist on your pillow. “The smell of lavender eases anxiety and helps you fall asleep,” says Dr. Breus. “In the end it’s about the quality, not quantity, of your sleep.”

5, Send your mind on vacay.

Can’t get away? Visualize it! Imagining yourself in a place that has brought you peace and happiness is a quick, free and clinically proven way to cleanse your mind and enhance your mood. “Picture all the sights, smells and sounds of that wonderful spot,” says Amy Spainhower, director of creative services at, a company aimed at spreading the “me”-time message. “Just enjoy the feeling of pleasure that comes your way from ‘visiting’ your vacation destination.” READ MORE HERE!

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