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What’s fame got to do with it? Far too much, at least when it comes to Christians supporting certain ministers of the gospel, according to Dallas mega pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes.

“I am so sick of this Hollywood spirit that has overtaken the church!” he told his congregation.
On Sunday, April 8, while promoting an upcoming worship service featuring largely unknown guest ministers, The Potter’s House leader expressed displeasure over the amount of focus placed on preachers’ popularity.

“We do not have to have big names to have a big move of God,” he said. “I got filled up with the Holy Ghost by somebody that didn’t have no name at all.”
But nowadays, “no name” preachers–those who are not exposed to the masses through national media and large preaching platforms–have trouble attracting crowds and filling up the church pews.
Furthermore, the rise of the mega church has crippled some leaders who are considered “small time” or ineffective if their membership has not reached thousands.
Research shows, in 1960, there was 1 mega church for every 7.5 million Americans. In 2010, there was 1 for every 200,000 Americans, and growth is continuing.
In the minds of many, bigger is better and more popular means more powerful.