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A life well lived is often the best foundation for compelling art and there’s no denying Jonathan Butler has been blessed with a fascinating life.

A South African native whose expansive musical gift has earned accolades in the R&B, contemporary jazz and gospel fields, Butler’s new release Grace and Mercy is filled with the soulful sounds and insightful lyrics fans have come to expect from the veteran performer.

On Grace and Mercy Butler delivers a collection of songs that serve as a soothing musical balm in today’s troubled times. “This album really speaks about optimism, faith, belief and hope, especially in the light of what everybody has been experiencing in the last two or three years,” he says.

“There’s been a lot of people losing their homes, their jobs, enduring the challenges that life brings. I’m hoping this album will bring hope to people. Songs like ‘Give it Up To God,’ ‘I Stand On Your Word,’ and ‘Who is Like the Lord’ were written from experiences that I’ve had to go through myself.”

The lead single, “I Stand On Your Word,” is a soaring ballad that reminds us of the power of God’s promises. “I love that song,” Butler says. “I hope that it hits home to a lot of people.”In the past few years, his faith has sustained Butler during some difficult times. He lost his beloved mother and a very close friend in addition to helping his wife battle cancer. It’s been tumultuous time that saw the gifted musician leaning ever closer to God and pouring his experiences into his music.

Grace and Mercyshowcases Butler’s gift for taking potent lyrical messages and enveloping them in memorable melodies. “Give it up to God” is a soul-stirring slow jam that spotlights Butler’s warm, distinctive voice. “Simplicity always wins for me,” Butler says of the song.

“There is such power in a simplistic lyric. You really reach people when you say simply, ‘Give it up to God.’ We all go through those every day trials. We read the Proverbs and Psalms and most of the time we forget that the Bible says, ‘Trust in the Lord with your heart and lean not on your own understanding.’ Every day we have to give it up to God, EVERY day.”

5 Questions…

1. With success in several generes of music, why Gospel?  Because this is what God has called me to do, and it’s been great to have the ability to have a parallel career in Gospel as well as jazz.

2.  If you weren’t an artist, what would your profession be?  If I wasn’t an artist I would be a preacher, teaching in some capacity, pasturing (sic) a church.

3. You’ve worked with an amazing “who’s who” list of artists, who is your dream duet partner? I’ve worked with Jodie Butler (laughing), but I haven’t worked with Randy Butler,  working on that (laughing), but my dream would be to work with Stevie Wonder.

4. What’s the first album you remember buying?  It was an album by the Jackson 5.

5. What’s the best food dish you prepare?  Spaghetti with Clams, fresh parsley, white wine, salt and pepper, little lime juice, and it’s ALL LOVE (laughing).

Be sure to check out Jonathan Butler’s “Grace and Mercy” in stores now. You can see the visual for the lead single, “I Stand On Your Word” here…For more information visit

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