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Quartet gospel music legend Damon Little, who is best known for hit songs such as “You Can’t Straddle The Fence”, “Do Right” or his recent hit “Make A Way”, has been scheduled for emergency heart surgery to take place Monday, April 22nd in the Baltimore, MD area.  Little wanted his fans to hear the news straight from him and here’s his letter:

“To all my friends and family, first and foremost we serve an awesome God, and I am thankful to God for being merciful and kind to me. I would like to take this time to sincerely speak to my friends, family and colleagues about an incident that has occurred.  My message may seem sad, but it’s indeed a blessing for me, and I hope this message will be of encouragement to others. This year has been a blessed top of the year for me, as far as my music charting, concerts, and tour dates, family life, witnessing, and blessing the saints across the country.   As I ministered last week in the Carolinas, and was preparing for dates in Florida and Overseas; I noticed three times that I experienced shortness of breath. I had no chest discomfort but I remained concerned and mindful of the changes that were occurring in my body. The spirit led me to go home instead of to Florida and get myself checked out with a doctor.

I went to the emergency room thinking I had a sinus infection and when I entered the emergency room, yes saints I lied—I told them my chest was hurting so that I could be seen quicker, the EKG was taken and came back great. I was told to go back to the waiting room but I then informed the nurses that my chest was really beginning to bother me.  I was then escorted away for a cat scan that found fluid in my lungs. This was the first sign of congestive heart failure.

Saints, I am in the hospital where I will be treated by top doctors and you guys know I am always encouraging everyone—so I am taking this opportunity to encourage all my singers, fans, friends and family to take better care of yourselves.  Sometimes you never know how you will write and sing a song that will turn around and minister back to you:  ‘I don’t know how you going to fix it, how you going to make away, but Lord I need you to do something for me today.’    I am asking my pastors, promoters, radio stations, fans, family, friends, and colleagues, to lift me up in prayer and most importantly, ask the lord to `Make A Way’ for me, my wife and family.”

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