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              The Indianapolis African-American community has reached a new population milestone. Population estimates released by the Census Bureau Thursday reported that the African-American population of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area now exceeds the 300,000 mark. The Census estimates that the 2012 African-American population of the new eleven county Indianapolis/Carmel/Anderson Metropolitan Area is 312,613; an increase of 3.9% or 11,669 from the 2010 Census. The latest Census estimates also confirm continued strong African-American growth in the city of Indianapolis/Marion County; as the Black population climbed since 2010 to 268,920; up 3.1% or 8,130 since 2010. The city/county is now 29.3% African-American; while the metro area is 16.2% Black. And one-in-eight persons (12.2%) living in the Central Indiana Region, as defined by the thirty-three county Indianapolis television market, are African-American. In the two years after the 2010 Census, Black population growth continues strong in nearly all the suburban counties surrounding Indianapolis.  In just two years, Hamilton County’s Black population rose 15.1% to 13,368; Hendricks County’s Black population climbed 10.5% to 9,094 and Johnson County’s Black population rose 21.3% to 2,962. Larger percentage population gains, albeit with smaller Black populations, were seen in Boone County, up 34.5%; Brown County up a stunning 75.5% and Morgan County up 31.2%. The only metro county declining in Black population was the newest metro county – Madison – which saw its Black population fall 1.2% to 12,326. Overall Black population growth in the suburbs rose 8.9% since 2010. Statewide, Indiana’s overall African-American population increased 4.5% since 2010 to 683,756; a gain of 29,341.  The Indianapolis metro was responsible for 39.8% of Indiana’s entire Black population growth since 2010; with Indianapolis/Marion County responsible for 27.6% of Indiana’s Black population growth. Hispanic population growth continued strong in the two years after the 2010 Census.  The 2012 Census estimates show that Hispanic population in the Indianapolis Metro increased 6.9% to 120,216.  The Hispanic population of Indianapolis/Marion County climbed 6.0% to 89,527.  Statewide, the Hispanic population rose 5.9% to 412,609. Some 9.7% of persons living in Indianapolis/Marion County; 6.2% of metro residents; 5.4% of Central Indiana residents are Hispanic. But unlike the huge increases in Hispanic population in Indianapolis during the 1990’s and the first decade of the 21st century, Hispanic growth is slowing. Though it remains stronger than Black population growth in percentage terms. But in actual numbers, since 2010, Indiana’s Black population increased by 29,341 compared to 22,902 for Hispanics.  In the Indianapolis metro, Black population climbed 11,669 compared to 7,768 for Hispanics.  And in Indianapolis/Marion County, Black population rose 8,103 compared to just 5,061 for Hispanics. A third (33.9%) of overall Hispanic growth in the state occurred in the Indianapolis Metro. Indiana’s total population has grown little since 2010.  The 2012 Census estimates document that Indiana’s total population rose 0.8% or 53,532 to 6,537,334.  And nearly three-fourths of Indiana’s population growth (72.1%) occurred in the Indianapolis metro. Stunningly, the numbers of white non-Hispanics in Indiana showed virtually no growth, increasing by just 0.025% or a paltry 1,302 in two years.  The white population in the ten Indianapolis suburban counties increased 15,608 since 2010.  Meaning there’s been sharp declines in Indiana’s white population in many of the state’s 92 counties. There’s been plenty of rhetoric about white non-Hispanics moving back into Indianapolis/Marion County in recent years.  While areas like downtown and parts of Broad Ripple has seen some white population growth, the 2012 Census estimates document that overall growth of the white population in the city/county has been miniscule. Indy’s white population grew from 539,545 to 540,608.  A paltry increase of 1,063 or 0.2%. Just 58.8% of Indianapolis/Marion County residents now are white; the lowest percentage in history.  The percentage of Indianapolis/Marion County residents who are minority (41.2%) continues to reach record highs.

 2012 Census Population Estimates/Indianapolis Metro Counties

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Tot Pop 2012 Black Pop 2012 %Tot Gwth Since 2010 %Blk Gwth Since 2010 %Blk 2012
Indiana 6,537,334 683,756 0.8 4.5 10.5
Indianapolis Metro 1,928,982 312,613 2.0 3.9 16.2
INDPLS/Marion County 918,977 268,920 1.7 3.1 29.3
Boone County 58,944 1,009 4.1 34.5 1.7
Brown County 15,083 165 -1.0 75.5 1.1
Hamilton County 289,495 13,368 5.4 15.1 4.6
Hancock County 70,933 1,810 1.3 1.5 2.6
Hendricks County 150,434 9,094 3.4 10.5 6.0
Johnson County 143,191 2,962 2.5 21.3 2.1
Madison County 130,348 12,326 -2.8 -1.2 9.5
Morgan County 69,356 522 0.7 31.2 0.8
Putnam County 37,750 1,701 -0.6 1.8 4.5
Shelby County 44,471 736 0.1 11.0 1.7