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Indiana Chief Justice Brent Dickson


Framed by the computer monitor’s light, Chief Justice Dickson (R) during interview on Afternoons with Amos

Chief Justices of Supreme Courts of the sovereign states or even of the United States rarely give broadcast media interviews. Especially live ones. So it was a rare opportunity to sit down live with Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Brent Dickson in a wide ranging Afternoons with Amos interview about our justice system. Chief Justice Dickson has spoken out strongly on the need for Indiana’s attorneys to do more pro bono work.  That’s legal work, on civil cases, done without charge.  In the interview the Chief Justice talked with Amos and listeners about how the pro bono system works in Indiana.  The Chief Justice explained the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction in the regulation of attorneys and their rights and responsibilities.   The Chief Justice talked about the pressures attorneys and judges have with the advent of social media like blogs, Facebook and Twitter. The Chief Justice stressed that attorneys still have to adhere to their oath and their professional standards and responsibilities, even on social media. Chief Justice Dickson, who is the 100th person appointed to the Supreme Court was appointed by Governor Robert Orr in January 1986. He’s served on the court for twenty-seven ears, He’s been Chief Justice since May 2012. The Chief Justice also talked with Amos and listeners about the court’s use of allowing cameras in for Supreme Court arguments and the continuing tests of cameras in the courtroom at the local level.  The Chief Justice also commented on a recent New York Times story about proposed changes in how lawyers are trained. The Chief Justice took a few calls from Afternoons with Amos listeners and while he couldn’t directly comment on cases he used the calls to stress the need to increase pro bono opportunities for Hoosier residents. Click the Arrow to Hear Amos’ Interview with Indiana Chief Justice Brent Dickson. Runs 37 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.

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