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Oxygen’s controversial reality series “Preachers of LA” is only one week in and apparently, one of its stars is having second thoughts about his participation on the show. In a video message that was posted online, Bishop Clarence McClendon tells supporters that what he signed on to do is not what the show has become.

“First of all, when I was approached with it, they said it wasn’t a reality show, they said it was a docu-series. Again, I was not involved in the genesis of the project. I’ve had a number of things come to me like this, a number of people come to me with certain opportunities and I’ve turned them down,” he explained, as he stood in what appears to be the foyer of his home.

The 53-year-old preacher, who often refers to himself in third person, said he knew the producers involved with the show – L. Plummer Media in association with Relevé Entertainment – and trusted that their relationship with God would govern their approach to developing this series.

In a heated scene on “Preachers of LA” with Gospel recording artist and former pastor Deitrick Haddon, McClendon and Haddon argued over preachers having entourages and honorariums. The debate got so tense that McClendon ultimately walked out of the house where they were all gathered.

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