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Minister Nuri Muhammad of Mosque 74 of the Nation of Islam in Indianapolis appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk about the work of the Nation in the city and region and the upcoming visit by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to Indianapolis.  Minister Farrakhan will speak Sunday, December 1st at the Convention Center downtown.  His appearance was scheduled for Sunday, November 10th, but was postponed until December 1st because Minister Farrakhan is recovering from a slight illness.  During the interview, Minister Nuri talked with Amos and listeners about the efforts of the National of Islam to improve the quality of life for African-Americans in Indianapolis.  Minister Nuri stressed the importance of unity and how critical it is, in the Nation of Islam’s view, that African-Americans become self reliant and “do for self”.  Minister Nuri talked about a program Minister Farrakhan is trying to encourage where African-Americans begin seriously saving a “nickel a week” into an economic development fund that would enable the community to invest in land and in self sufficient industry.  Minister Nuri also talked about the Nation of Islam’s efforts in providing positive opportunities including mentoring and employment for ex-offenders and ex-felons. In a surprise, Minister Nuri told Afternoons with Amos that IMPD and the City have cracked down against members of the Nation standing legally on street corners accepting donations for their merchandise.  There had been problems during the Mayor Steve Goldsmith’s administration when he tried to crack down on the Nation, but the effort was beaten back by legal intervention from the ACLU.  Now despite rising crime, Minister Nuri revealed that IMPD has resumed ticketing Nation members for violating a city ordinance that violates First Amendment rights.  Click the Arrow to hear Amos’ Interview with Indy Nation of Islam Leader Minister Nuri Muhammad. Runs 41 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.