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Ami Rushes Releases New Music Video


Ami Rushes releases a new single and video “King Of Glory”. The video was produced by Darryl D. Lassiter and the single was produced by Kurt Carr. The video can be seen around the nation on various video programs such as YouTube and Godtube.


Ami is available for concerts via  As with her all over releases, 30% of the proceeds from the sales of this current album will benefit “The Save Africa’s Children Foundation”, which currently provides support to over 160 orphanages throughout sub-Saharah Africa – “So there’s a bigger blessing that consumers are able to be a part of when buying KING OF GLORY,” she explains.


The song may be purchased at iTunes and Fans will get a free King Of Glory baseball cap after sending proof of purchase. The address is on her site.


To view the music video, go to: