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200160051-002It is looming as the biggest political issue in Indiana this year, and perhaps one of the biggest in decades.  It’s the battle to enshrine into Indiana’s State Constitution language stating that marriage in the state shall only be between one man and one woman. One of the leaders in the fight to preserve what he and many others call “traditional marriage” by pushing adoption in a November 2014 referendum of this constitutional amendment is Eric Miller, Executive Director of the 34-year-old Advance America, an Indiana grassroots organization.  Eric Miller appeared on a special Afternoons with Amos program devoted to this issue which people feel very strongly about.

Advance America's Eric Miller

Advance America’s Eric Miller

Miller’s organization is strongly in favor of enshrining Indiana’s current legal definition of marriage into the state’s Constitution through this amendment, now referred to as HJR-3, its legislative designation this year. Speaking with Amos and listeners, Miller repeatedly warned that failure to pass this amendment would, in Miller’s words, help promote the “homosexual agenda”.

Eric Miller, an attorney, gave examples of how churches and businesspeople have been cited by governments in other states and even in Canada for discrimination if they tried to exercise their religious beliefs and oppose same sex marriage. Miller talked about the fact that African-Americans fought against same sex marriage in referendums in California and North Carolina and almost narrowly opposed a measure in Maryland. Miller is convinced that “most” African-Americans will vote “Yes” on the Marriage Amendment if it comes up for a vote in November. Which is why his organization and others are strongly pushing the Legislature to approve the measure and in Miller’s words “let the voters decide”. Click the Link to Read the Proposed Amendment and a Companion Bill that states the Legislature’s intent. Proposed Constitutional Amendment HJR-3   Bill Defining Legislature Intent of Amendment  Click the Arrow to Hear Amos’ Interview with Traditional Marriage supporter Eric Miller. Runs 75 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.