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As one half of one of the most successful duos in gospel music history, the stakes were high for Erica Campbell’s solo debut, but HELP proves that this is no pipe dream. She was made for this.

Marked by strong vocals, well-crafted songs and versatile musicality, HELP represents a more-than-impressive go at a career flying solo. The 13-track project features a confident and in-control Campbell, supported musically by her super-producer husband, Warryn Campbell.

Writing on virtually every song, she tackles tough topics– whether it’s the heaviness of life’s troubles on the title track, “Help,” or the recent passing of her father on the tribute tune, “Eddie.” But it’s not all weighty and deep, either.

Erica Campbell includes a fair share of feel-good hits, like the declaratory “You Are” and the the optimistic “Looking Like.” “More Than A Lover” and “Nobody Else” are as relevant, current and clever as the most successful songs in pop music today, while the folky “I’m A Fan” and the singsongy Percy Bady-penned “Changes” round out the project beautifully.

With Erica’s award-winning voice, songwriting and style being so consistently woven through the fabric of gospel music for well over a decade now, HELP could have easily ended up a collection of Mary Mary throwaways, repackaged and repurposed to fulfill a life-long ambition. Fortunately, HELP is anything but.

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