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Erin Kent Magee (submitted photo)


Gordon Smith


Catherine “Cat” Ping

Republicans haven’t been elected to represent Indianapolis in Congress since 1974.  This election year, several candidates are running in the Republican primary to be their party’s candidate to represent


JD Minear

Indianapolis’ 7th Congressional District.  The candidates appeared on Afternoons with Amos to introduce themselves to the the community and explain where they stand on key issues impact Indianapolis and Marion County.  The 7th District consists of all of Wayne, Center, Warren, Decatur, Perry and Franklin Townships and most of Pike, Washington and Lawrence Townships. Five candidates are on the ballot and all were invited to appear on Afternoons with Amos. Wayne “Gunny” Harmon didn’t respond to the written invitation. The other four candidates did.  Erin Kent Magee talked about reducing the size and scope of government and returning government back to the people. He opposes the Affordable Care Act, wants to reduce the deficit, but improve benefits to veterans.  Magee currently lives in Florida but has a mailing address in Marion County. He told listeners than he will move to Indianapolis if elected. Gordon Smith is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  Smith favors improving veterans benefits and support.  Smith would reduce the bureaucracy of Federal programs which, he says, would put more dollars directly into services for people. Smith would repeal the Affordable Care Act, but does support some of he feels are some “positive” parts of the law. Catherine “Cat” Ping is also a veteran having served nearly 30 years in the Army.  Like the other two candidates Ping doesn’t favor the Affordable Care Act.  Ping wants to reduce the Federal bureaucracy saying that there’s duplication and redundancy in many government programs. J.D. Minear is a computer specialist, businessman who hosts his own radio show. Minear was also strongly against the Affordable Care Act. He spoke out in favor of increased use of coal and that Federal lands should be freed up for more oil and gas exploration. Minear favored lowering or even eliminating the corporate income tax believing that would encourage business to add more jobs in America.  Click the Arrows Below to Hear the Candidates in the Republican Primary for 7th District Congress. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

Candidate Erin Kent Magee – Runs 18 Minutes

Candidate Gordon Smith – Runs 29 Minutes

Candidate Catherine “Cat” Ping – Runs 30 Minutes

Candidate JD Minear – Runs 35 Minutes