The situation in Iraq and Syria with the United States and allies up against the ISIS terrorist group was one of the subjects that came up on Afternoons with Amos as Catherine (Cat) Ping, the Republican candidate for 7th District Congress appeared on the program to talk about the issues in her campaign.  The 7th […]

Residents of the 7th Congressional District are wondering now who is the woman who won the Republican nomination for 7th District Congress who will face Rep. Andre carson in November. That includes Indy’s media that didn’t really interviews or cover the race. So, who is Catherine “Cat” Ping, the GOP nominee? Well, Ping appeared on […]

Rep. Andre Carson easily crushed three opponents to win the Democratic primary for 7th Congressional District. The ace was marked by a bitter campaign waged by the Rev. Muoja Ajabu. In caustic radio ads, Ajabu accused Carson of not living up to the legacy of the late Rep. Julia Carson, Andre’s grandmother. Ajabu attacked Carson […]

Republicans haven’t been elected to represent Indianapolis in Congress since 1974.  This election year, several candidates are running in the Republican primary to be their party’s candidate to represent Indianapolis’ 7th Congressional District.  The candidates appeared on Afternoons with Amos to introduce themselves to the the community and explain where they stand on key issues […]