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Secretary of State candidate Beth White (D)

In their first extended Indianapolis media interview, the 2014 Indiana Democratic statewide ticket appeared on Afternoons with Amos and came out swinging against Governor Mike Pence and Republicans saying Indiana “deserves better”. Democratic Secretary of State candidate Beth White, State Auditor Candidate Mike Claytor and State Treasurer candidate Mike Boland came out swinging against Governor Pence and Republicans on their failures to create a state where incomes of Indiana families and households are increasing instead of remain stagnant.  The three candidates were nominated at the Democratic State Convention May 31st in Indianapolis.

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State Auditor candidate Mike Claytor

And immediately spent three days touring the major cities and counties in Indiana; outside of Indianapolis. It’s the first time in many, many elections that the Democrats’ statewide ticket had immediately gone on the offensive after their nomination, meeting around the state with media and supporters so soon as after their nominations. To highlight they charge that Governor Pence is distracted from governing Indiana and ore concern about possibly running for President, Auditor candidate Mike Clayton brought a suitcases with with stickers showing the many places the Governor has traveled in his first seventeen months in office.

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State Treasurer candidate Mike Boland

Secretary of Sate candidate Beth White, the outgoing Marion County Clerk blasted her GOP opponent Secretary of State Connie Lawson over what she said is a not effective effort to clean up the voter registration lists.  White also said if elected, she’d modernize filing procedures for businesses and put renewed effort on overseeing securities deals in Indiana. Auditor candidate Claytor pledged to be a watchdog of the state’s finances and work harder to make sure that the state pays its bills to its vendors in a timely manner.


“The Suitcase”

Treasure candidate Mike Boland criticized current Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s refusal to market and promote the College 529 Savings Program to Indiana’s African-American communities, which the State Treasurer supervises. Boland promised that bad practice would end.  Boland also said the State Treasurer to could help increase local lending to small businesses, including minority, woman and veteran owned businesses. Something the current Treasurer has failed to do.  Click the Media Player to hear Amos’ Full Interview with the Indiana’s Democratic Statewide Ticket. Runs 29 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

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