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86541072Indianapolis may be the 11th largest city in the country and Indy may be trying to be a leader in progressive things like bike lanes and sustainability, but when it comes to recycling efforts, Indianapolis ranks way down the list of major cities.  And a radical proposal by Mayor Greg Ballard could cause recycling to become even more difficult.  That’s according to the Executive Director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition Executive Director Carey Hamilton.  She appeared on Afternoons with Amos to express concern about a Ballard Administration plan to radically change recycling efforts.  Currently, households pay a fee and get a blue and yellow container to place their recyclables in.  But Mayor Ballard’s looking at a new plan where a company, Covanta, that currently operates Indianapolis’ main incinerator facility on South Harding Street would collect all garbage including recyclables like glass and plastic containers and dump them all together and extract the recyclables out.  indiana recycling logoCarey Hamilton vehemently disagrees with that approach.

carey hamilton

Carey Hamilton, Indiana Recycling Coalition

In her interview with Amos, Hamilton contents that major companies like WalMart, Coca Cola and others that use huge quantities of recyclable materials are finding it economically in their best interest to use pure recycled materials. The Ballard plan would reduce the access to those materials and drive up the cost to those companies.  According to Hamilton, private companies are willing to subsidize the costs of recycle containers for Indianapolis 350,000 residential households.  Something that could finally make recycling more acceptable and popular to Indianapolis residents.  Hamilton and the Indiana Recycling Coalition vehemently disagree with the City’s proposed plan.  Including the fact that the plan could be adopted without any City-County Council review.  Click the Media Player to Hear Amos’ Interview With Indiana Recycling’s Carey Hamilton About the City’s Absurd Recycling Proposal. Runs 13 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

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