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Marion County GOP Prosecutor Candidate Duane Merchant

African-Americans have made lots of political breakthroughs in Marion County elections, but in 2014, for the first time in history, the Marion County Prosecutor could be African-American.  Veteran attorney Duane Merchant is the Republican candidate for Marion County prosecutor and faces Democratic incumbent Prosecutor Terry Curry in November. Merchant appeared live in his first Afternoons with Amos interview and covered a number of issues.  A veteran Deputy Prosecutor who worked under former Prosecutors Steve Goldsmith, Jeff Modisett, Scott Newman, Duane Merchant talked with Amos and listeners about the upcoming implementation of Indiana’s new Criminal Code which takes effect July 1.  Merchant said the community must be prepared for more lesser non violent offenders not being incarcerated in state prisons, but who’ll be placed in alternative sentencing programs in Indianapolis.  In programs that may not yet exist.  Merchant talked in the extensive interview with and heard listeners concerns about crime and the role of Prosecutor.  Duane Merchant talked about the role of plea bargains, and grand jury and handling cases of police misconduct. He indicated that Indianapolis needs to have more positive activities for young people to do as alternatives to getting into trouble.  Merchant discussed death penalty cases and what he as Prosecutor could do about reducing Indianapolis’ current high homicide rate. And Merchant responded to a listener challenging Merchant and other Republican candidates not to take Black votes and get out into the Black community and compete for Black voters. Click the Media Player to Hear Duane Merchant’s extended interview with Amos & Listeners. Runs 49 Minutes. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

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