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Texas Father Who Overpaid Child Support Reports to Prison

After exhausting the appeal process, a Houston father is prepared to turn himself in and go to jail after a child-support dispute.  But 43-year-old Clifford Hall doesn’t owe any back child support. He’s been paid in full for months, after his employer acknowledged a clerical error that prevented his payments from being sent to the child’s mother. When Hall discovered it, he paid the amount due, plus an additional $,1000, according to his attorneys. Read more.

United Nations Says Turning Off Poor Detroiters’ Water Violates Human Rights

Detroit’s been shutting off water to customers who reportedly can’t afford to pay their bills, and United Nations experts said Wednesday it’s a violation of human rights. The UN responded after a coalition of activist groups submitted a report to its Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner last week, detailing water shutoffs and extreme consequences for families in the city who can’t afford to pay their bills and have had to go without water. Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department began shutting off water to customers who were behind on payments this spring, cutting service for 3,000 in April and 4,500 in May. Around 45,000 shutoff warnings were sent each month. Read more.

Wrongly Accused of Rape Charges, Now Free After 17 Years

After spending nearly 17 years behind bars in a Louisiana prison on a charge of rape that he did not commit, Nathan Brown, 40, found himself a free man. “I’m just happy to be free,” Brown told reporters. “Back with my family; it’s a wonderful feeling.” Brown was arrested in August 1997 on suspicion he tried to rape a 40-year-old woman at a Metairie apartment where they both lived. He was convicted of the crime just three months later and sentenced to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Read more.

This 3-Year-Old Girl Is Not The Best Liar

If you’re planning to rob a bank, you probably shouldn’t hire this little girl as your accomplice. The adorable 3-year-old, filmed by her mother, YouTube user mommyofmiles1, clearly stole a doughnut, but swears that’s not the case. “I did everything right,” the cutie says. Suuuuurreee ya did. Read more.

‘Scandal’ Teams Up With The Limited To Launch Clothing Collection Inspired By Olivia Pope

Thieves Steal 50K In Hair Weaves From Chicago Beauty Supply

Just this week, a beauty supply store in Oak Lawn (which is just outside of Chicago) was burglarized, as nine people broke in (using a brick), grabbing all the bundles of hair extensions they could get, with the owner saying he lost $50,000 worth. But aside from the weave, the robbers didn’t want anything else. The store owner says they didn’t bother to even go near the cash register. Read more.

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