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The Memphis Delta Fair over the Labor Day holiday was supposed to be a nice family event for Tanya Jones (pictured) and her extended family, but instead, the event turned into a total embarrassment, as an unnamed clown in a dunking tank reportedly hurled racist remarks at the woman in front of a huge crowd of spectators, according to Eyewitness News 3.

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Jones, who was accompanied by her three young children and extended family, reportedly walked by the fair’s dunking tank when a clown, speaking through a microphone, allegedly began hurling racist taunts, such as “Hey, nappy head!”  When Jones and her clan heard the derogatory remarks, they looked around the audience to see who the clown was speaking to — only to realize he was actually addressing her.  The Atoka, Tenn., resident’s brother-in-law, Mario Curry, who accompanied Jones to the fair, then told Eyewitness News 3, the clown said, “Yeah, I’m talking to you, Sheneneh. You look unbeweavable.”

The clown just didn’t seem to have an off button as he continued to insult Jones with such phrases as “you’ve got a cheap weave!  You must have gotten it from the Dollar Tree store.”

The dunking clowns are in the business of insulting people so that the public can throw balls to dunk them in water, but according to Mark Lovell, president of the Delta Fair, the clown took things too far.  “We try to promote the Delta Fair as clean, safe, and family friendly.  We try to keep the comments fun without sexual and racial connotations.”

Meanwhile, Jones, who claims she was humiliated because she “never experienced anything like that before,” was refunded her fair entry fees for all family members, which reportedly came to more than $100.

Lovell told the news outlet the insulting clown was also fired and replaced.

Watch news coverage of the incident here:

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