Christian rapper LeCrae Moore, whose 7th studio album “Anomaly” has shot to #1 on iTunes, Amazon, and Nielsen Sound Scan after it’s first week, said in a recent interview that a song by Lauryn Hill inspires him.

During a whirlwind press tour, the 34-year-old Houston native sat down to speak with Essence Magazine to talk about what drives him and keeps him humble despite the unprecedented personal success he is experiencing. One thing he revealed is that one of his favorite songs is from a secular artist.

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“Lauryn Hill’s ‘Adam Lives in Theory.’ It’s amazing. Oh man, there’s so many levels and layers to it,” LeCrae said. “Obviously, conceptually, the picture it paints of humanity. I think we need to be reminded of our frailty. Emotionally, it kind of draws you out and reaches inside – and everybody wants to be drawn out. You don’t hear a lot of music that you feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, you just pulled my soul out and put it on display.’ I think that’s what that song did for me.”

In “Anomaly,” he covers a myriad of topics including materialism, abortion, rape, and trying to fit in with the main crowd. The song “Nuthin” sees LeCrae declare he’s ready to hear about more than money, women, selling drugs, and cars. “Inside you are greater than the songs you’ve created,” he tells rappers.

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source: TheChristianPost.com

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