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St Rep. Christina Hale, House Dist 87 (D)

The next to last Candidate Tuesday of the 2014 elections focused on seats for the Indiana House of Representatives from districts in the outer township areas of Indianapolis/Marion County. Three Democrats, including two incumbents, and one Republican challenger appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk about their campaigns and the issues and why voters should choose them on November 4th. The districts involved were District 87 on Indianapolis’ northside which includes the Nora, Glendale, Keystone at the Crossing, Castleton neighborhoods; District 92 on the westside which includes most of Wayne Township and the Town of Speedway; and District 93 on the city’s southside which includes most of Perry Township and the northern part of Johnson County, including most of Greenwood.  Appearing on the program were incumbent Democratic State Representatives Christina Hale (District 87) and Karlee Macer (District 92).

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St. Rep Karlee Macer, Dist 92 (D)

Republican Bradford Moulton who’s running against Macer in District 92. And Democrat Ryan Guillory who’s running in District 93.  The four candidates covered a wide range of issues.  All talked about education funding and discussed at length a proposal by Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma to redo the state’s school funding formula.  Macer, Hale and Guillory were cautious about the effort hoping that it would be fair to all types of school districts, while Moulton was in favor, but shared some of the same concerns.  Crime was a major issue with Moulton strongly in favor of additional mandatory minimum sentences for criminals who use a gun in committing a crime.

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Ryan Guillory, Candidate House Dist 93 (D)

Hale brought up a bill she pushed that was approved putting restrictions on dealers that buy gold, which has cut some outlets for stolen merchandise. Hale talked about her work in fighting to reduce bullying and assaults in our schools, especially sexual assaults of girls and young women under 18;  problem that’s increasing in the city and state. Macer was very passionate about the need to redevelop the older neighborhoods of Marion County and a way to encourage needed job creation and investment.

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Bradford Moulton, Candidate House Dist 92 (R)

Guillory said that same focus on redevelopment was needed in his southside district where a lack of good paying jobs was also a problem.  Public transportation was brought up by Hale, Macer and Guillory as something critically needed to improve job development prospects. All four candidates said that voter apathy is a concern, fueled by anger at political games in Washington and perhaps to some degree at the statehouse.  All four candidates hoped voters would overcome that and get engaged in the election.  Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interviews with Candidates Christina Hale, Karlee Macer, Ryan Guillory and Bradford Moulton. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.  Rep. Macer, Rep. Hale, Guillory. Runs 60 Minutes.      Candidate Moulton Runs 30 Minutes.