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Hogsett-Joe-240x300In his first Afternoons with Amos interview as a mayoral candidate, Joe Hogsett, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Mayor covered a wide range of issues with Amos and listeners.  Hogsett amplified on his remarks last week at King Park when he talked about the need to try to bring the city together to tackle Indianapolis’ many problems and opportunities.  Hogsett was open in the interview saying that he wasn’t someone who could wave a wand and instantly change things overnight.  Hogsett said that if elected he would be a Mayor that would welcome feedback and input from all parts of Indianapolis.  In response to questions from listeners, Hogsett talked about education, but wouldn’t commit to whether the number of charter schools should be limited right now.  Hogsett was concerned about the level of city services in neighborhoods.  Saying that neighborhoods were deteriorating in many parts of the city and needed investment and attention. The former US Attorney said crime was the major issue facing Indianapolis. But Hogsett said that the best way to prevent crime was providing job and economy opportunity to residents.  On the proposed Justice Center, Hogsett said he didn’t have that much information about the project and that why he agreed we needed a new Marion County Jail, he was skeptical of adding more jail beds. I’d prefer to add more jobs than jail beds, said Hogsett.  The Democratic mayoral candidate said he was still listening to the community and that he wasn’t coming from having or knowing all the answers.  Hogsett said he looked forward to coming back and listening to the community “many times” over the next year.  Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview with Democratic Mayoral Candidate Joe Hogsett. Runs 44 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.