Joe Hogsett, the former US Attorney and Indiana Secretary of State, and Democratic candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis was the final of four mayoral candidates appearing this week on Afternoons with Amos as part of the program’s 11th Anniversary and start of its 12th Season.  Hogsett has been running hard since leaving the US Attorney’s […]

In his first Afternoons with Amos interview as a mayoral candidate, Joe Hogsett, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Mayor covered a wide range of issues with Amos and listeners.  Hogsett amplified on his remarks last week at King Park when he talked about the need to try to bring the city together to tackle […]

An energized and animated Joe Hogsett talked passionately about the need for better leadership in Indianapolis as he opened the door wide for an expected run for Indianapolis Mayor next year.  In an live in-depth Afternoons with Amos interview, Hogsett explained why he left the position as US Attorney to return to private life and […]

In a stunning development Joe Hogsett is announced his resignation as US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana.  Immediately speculation feverishly developed among Democrats and the media as to whether Hogsett, a former Indiana Secretary of State, would formally enter the Democratic primary in next year’s race for Mayor of Indianapolis/Marion County. Fueling that […]

The Obama Administration’s top civil rights enforcement officer visited Indianapolis, along with a top official of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to talk with Hoosier leaders about better enforcement of civil rights issues.  During a Special Edition of Afternoons with Amos, Jocelyn Samuels, Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights talked with Amos […]

UPDATED WITH REACTION FROM MAYOR BALLARD ON SCANDAL!  Mayor Greg Ballard today responded to the stunning developments of Tuesday when FBI agents raided the City-County Building and arrested five individuals, including two city employees in a scandal involving the city’s Land Bank.  Indianapolis media swarmed Mayor Ballard in an impromptu news conference. The Mayor talked […]

In an hour long live interview on Afternoons with Amos, US Attorney Joe Hogsett explained why the US Attorney’s office and Federal law enforcement agencies are providing assistance to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in dealing with violent gun crimes in some of Indianapolis’ high crime neighborhoods. Hogsett’s office is providing an unprecedented level of […]

In an exclusive interview, United States Attorney Joe Hogsett told Afternoons with Amos that his office is hiring an Assistant US Attorney with responsibilities to go after case of discrimination against Hoosiers. Hogsett told Amos Brown that this new attorney will prosecute cases of discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation and other federal discrimination […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 14 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. The United States Justice Department won’t file civil rights charges against IMPD officers in the Brandon Johnson beating case.  US Attorney Joe Hogsett confirmed that there was a Federal investigation into the May 2010 beating case, but that the Justice Department declined to file charges. […]