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Angela Cain

Angela Cain

One of Indianapolis’ most honored broadcasters and highly visible community figure is joining of the city’s most visible landmarks. Angela Cain, former Community Affairs Director at WTHR/Channel 13 and a broadcaster for some thirty years has joined Indianapolis International Airport as Director of Community Affairs.  Cain was joined by Airport Executive Director Mario Rodriquez on Afternoons with Amos.

Mario Rodriiquez

Mario Rodriquez

In an extended live interview, Rodriquez and Cain talked about wanting to make the Indianapolis and Central Indiana residents more aware of their airport and to feel comfortable visiting the airport’s award winning Midfield Terminal which opened in 2008.  Rodriquez talked about the fact that people can visit and patronize the stores, restaurants and shops in the Terminal, what they call Celebration Plaza without having a ticket or boarding pass.  The airport was designed, said Rodriquez to be able to welcome the public into this special large space that occurs before the TSA security areas.  In the interview Rodriquez talked about the airport’s progress since the new terminal opened nearly eight years ago.  Conde Nast Magazine has rated Indianapolis’ Airport the “Best” for travelers.  Two other airports Long Beach and Palm Springs were rated 2nd and 3rd.  Those were airports where Rodriquez previously served as Executive Director.  Rodriquez also talked about the airport’s funding.  They receive no taxpayer dollars.  All the airport’s revenue comes from fees from airlines, FedEx, rental car companies and other businesses on airport property. The airport Rodriquez admitted the airport could do better in its use of minority and women owned businesses.  He said the airport is planning a number of major construction and renovation projects that could utilize minority-owned businesses and contractors. Cain hopes to improve the airport’s visibility with the community.  And showcase the many positive events and occurrences that happen at the airport and its interactions with Indianapolis and Central Indiana.  Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview with Indianapolis Airport’s Mario Rodriquez and Angela Cain. Runs 23 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.