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The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Wednesday, May 6, 2015 was on fire with severe community anger and reaction to the video of a beatdown by  involving two students at Indianapolis Public School’s Northwest High School.  Recorded on a student bystander’s cellphone, the vi and uploaded to social media and picked up by Indianapolis’ five TV stations, the video of the fight caused widespread anger and condemnation in the community. Listeners reacted sharply on Afternoons with Amos.

Northwest Fight Indy

Source: MTO

The video shows two students – a female and male – exchanging words in a Northwest High School hallway and then a fight breaks out with the male students pushing the female to the ground and beating here in the face and shoulders. The video which runs a bit over a minute and half, shows the fight and then you seen a white male teacher dressed in a sports jacket approach the fighting students, exchanges words with them but does nothing to intervene to physically stop the fight.  Eventually two female students and the head of the school’s ROTC instructor intervened and broke up the fight. Not only was the community outraged by the violent and illegal criminal behavior, but IPS’ attitude and public statements angered the community just as much.  In a statement sent to Indy’s TV stations, but not Black media IPS officials said, “Northwest Community High School protocol calls for staff members to diffuse the situation verbally, then signal for support from administration and school police. School and district administrators are arranging appropriate disciplinary action, and IPS Police officers are collaborating with the prosecutor’s office to determine any potential legal actions. Indianapolis Public Schools’ lead administrators are investigating today’s situation at Northwest to ensure our students are served in the best possible ways.”

IPS Supt Dr. Lewis Ferebee

Source: IPS Supt Dr. Lewis Ferebee / Submitted by IPS

In response to a request from Afternoons with Amos, IPS Spokeswoman Kristin Cutler said of the incident, “IPS administrators are determining district disciplinary action for the student who attacked a young woman. IPS Police officers are in contact with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office regarding any appropriate legal actions in this case. IPS teachers are instructed to remain physically out of an altercation and to immediately call school police for assistance. Teachers are also asked to monitor the area to prevent any crowds from forming.” Marion County Prosecutor’s Office told Afternoons with Amos that the incident “Is under investigation by our office. No charging determination has been made. We anticipate a charging decision will be made next week at the earliest.” Reaction from folks on Twitter was strong. Especially IPS saying their policy prohibits teachers from physically intervening to break up fights. Ten Point Coalition head Rev. Charles Harrison was concerned.

Many Afternoons with Amos listeners agreed with Rev. Harrison and while agreeing the young man was wrong in attacking the young woman, many couldn’t understand IPS’ apparent hand off policy for most adults not being able to break up fights.  IPS says its policy, but former IPS Board Member Dr. Michael Brown appeared on the program and strongly disagreed with the current administration’s policy.  Meanwhile millions have viewed the disturbing video.  Hear the Full Afternoons with Amos Broadcast and Hear the Depth of Community Outrage and Anger Over This Incident and School District’s Cold Shoulder to Violence and Bullying. Runs 94 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. Audio Begins After Brief Video Ad.

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