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When you’re climbing the corporate ladder as a Black woman, there are many obstacles that will not only knock you down, but ensure that you never get back on that ladder again. Lauren Wesley Wilson is the founder of Color Comm, which is a professional organization for women of color in the media to ensure that we can all network together in a way that’s lucrative and nurturing.

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Lauren has climbed that corporate ladder since she graduated from Spelman College and she hasn’t stopped. She has always craved being able to see women of color who look like her at the top of the ladder and Color Comm has helped her satisfy that craving.

Lauren’s faced plenty of challenges, including not being the type the big boss invites to the golf course to “hit a few balls.” And to that, Lauren says, “You have to assimilate to your environment and women of color have a hard time doing that.” So Color Comm is here to bridge the racial gap in the corporate world. And thanks to Lauren, we’re able to see ourselves clearly because we’re now sitting across from each other at the table.

Here’s Lauren discussing what she has learned from racial discrimination in corporate America:


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