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The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Monday, August 24, 2015. (Discussion On Violence Surge Starts At 31:37 Mark. Interview With Rev. Harrison Starts At 52:44 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). In a space of five days, from last Thursday to this Monday morning, six people were murdered in Indianapolis; scores wounded in some thirteen incidents.  The most egregious was two people, including a mother of five, gunned down in a fusillade of bullets at a gas station at 38th and Lafayette Road, after an alleged alternation at a nearby nightclub.  The mom, Tamara Sword, was the daughter of Chicago anti-violence advocate Andrew Holmes.  The latest surge of violence has erased a substantial decline in homicides this year compared to last.  Now the rate of homicides so far this year is equal to the rate last year when a total of 145 persons were killed by violence in Indianapolis.

Aft w/Amos Aug 24

Rev. Charles Harrison

Rev. Charles Harrison, leader of the Ten Point Coalition appeared on Afternoons with Amos to share his concerns and frustrations about the growing violence in the city/county.  Likening the situation to security at airports after 9-11, Rev. Harrison is taking a strong position, he agreed it is radical, but he believes that illegal guns in the streets, especially carried by teens, is a growing public safety problem.  Rev. Harrison believes that stop and frisk should be employed by law enforcement as a means to help get the guns off the streets; out of the hands of those who aren’t supposed to have them.  In the interview and with callers, Rev. Harrison also agreed that state lawmakers needed to get serious about helping Indy get rid of the illegal guns. Some listeners pushed back against Rev. Harrison’s stop and frisk suggestion, while others agreed.  Rev. Harrison and Amos also were concerned about whether local school districts have stepped up efforts to make sure students aren’t bringing weapons to school.  Rev. Harrison also agreed that the broader church community in Indianapolis, of all races and faiths, need to come together to speak out on the growing violence.  Political leaders need to as well.  Both mayoral candidates issued statements on the recent violence surge. Democratic Candidate Joe Hogsett said: “Steph and I offer our thoughts and prayers to the friends and families of those affected by these recent tragedies, as well as the Indianapolis law enforcement community. The last four days provide a sobering reminder of how much work remains to be done to address the scourge of violent crime that grips too many neighborhoods in Indianapolis. It is critical that our city come together and take meaningful steps to combat the combination of illegally-possessed guns, drugs, and poverty that fuels this deadly cycle of violence. Should we fail to heed this moral obligation, we risk losing yet another generation of young Indianapolis residents. We cannot allow that to happen.” Republican Candidate Chuck Brewer Said: “My heart goes out to the victims and families whose lives are forever changed. The tragedies that occurred over the weekend are a reminder that we must do more to reduce violent crime in our city. It is particularly concerning that several of these incidents involved teenagers. We cannot rest until we find ways to engage our young people and steer them on a path that doesn’t involve gangs, drugs and violence. As part of my 12-point public safety plan, I am advocating for the addition of civilian social resource officers to work with IMPD and focus on outreach to at-risk individuals and their families, providing them with access to intervention, counseling and alternatives to a life of crime. We also need to increase our support to community organizations like the Ten Point Coalition as they work to intervene and deescalate potentially violent situations. There is no single solution but we must continue to work and support the efforts of those who are committed to making our community safer.”

Aft w/Amos Aug 24

Dr. Leonard Scott, Tyscot Records

(Interview With Tyscot Records Dr. Leonard Scott Starts At 4:17 Mark On Media Player). As a counterweight to a very serious show, Dr. Leonard Scott, Founder and head of Indianapolis’ Tyscot Records, the oldest African-American owned gospel recording company in the county, stopped by to talk about his newest CD Greatness of Your Love. In the interview with Amos, Dr. Scott talked about what inspired the new CD project, how he got started creating Tyscot while still a practicing dentist.  The CD premiere’s this Friday, August 28th with an event at Light of the World Church at 7:30pm.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Monday, August 24, 2015 Runs 97 Minutes. ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.  PODCAST Starts Adter Brief Video Ad.