Newborn Baby Girl

Source: Christopher Furlong / Getty

Akilah Wooten dealt with going into labor a bit differently than most women do.  Wooten’s nurse, Angelina Ruffin, ordered her to do squats or walk around to help move the baby down, but she had something else in mind.

Ruffin said, “I went looking for my patient to see how she was doing with her squatting. This is what I found in between contractions. Get that baby down mommy!”  Ruffin then posted a video she captured of Wooten dancing with her sister and cousin to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”  Mommy Wooten has the moves, and does them flawlessly with a smile.

A few hours later, Wooten gave birth to a healthy baby girl who weighed in at 9.5 lbs.  The video has since went viral, and has had over 1.3 million views.    Check out the video below.

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