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aft w/amos oct 8th

Lawrence Mayor Dean Jessup In Studio

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Thursday, OctoberP 8, 2015.  (Interview with Lawrence Mayor Dean Jessup Starts At 45:48 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Lawrence Mayor Dean Jessup is finishing his first term in office. The Democrat is seeking a second term of the city within Marion County that’s Indiana’s 19th largest.  In an Afternoons with Amos interview, Mayor Jessup talked about his struggles in his first term.  The city had a budget deficit of $2 million, Jessup says. And he then found out from the state that because of property tax caps there would be an additional $1 million shortfall.  Jessup had to dig him the city out of the financial hole it found itself in.  But Jessup has and Lawrence has rebounded, with rehiring EMT’s that had been laid off and adding more police officers.

aft w/amos oct 8th

Lawrence Councilman Ray Anderson

aft w/amos oct 8th

Lawrence Councilwoman Sherron Freeman

Mayor Jessup was joined by two African-American, Democratic Lawrence Common Council members – Ray Anderson and Sharron Freeman – on the program.  Jessup says the challenge is to continue to bring development nad jobs to Lawrence.  Both in the growing commercial areas along Pendleton Pike north of 56th st Street, but also to the areas in the southern part of the city, especially neighborhoods along the meandering border with Indianapolis. Jessup and the Council members favor body and dash cams for police, but the concern is the long term storage cost questions that Indianapolis and other city cities are facing. Jessup says that with now nearly 80 police officers in Lawrence there are able to do a better community policing job because its easier for police to interact with citizens. Water has always been a big issue in Lawrence and this time the issue concerns storm water fees.  Lawrence residents, like everyone in Marion County has to pay higher storm water fees to pay for the new sewer intercept system to keep White River clean.  But that really doesn’t impact Lawrence, so Mayor Jessup is trying to get Lawrence out of the deal. Jessup talked about the issue as well in his Afternoons with Amos interview.

aft w/amos oct 8th

Anthem Execs Marcus White and Jean Caster

aft w/amos oct 8th

Anthem Exec Dr. Stanley Reed

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Source: Anthem

(Interview With Anthem Execs About Anthem’s IP 2.0 Coverage Starts At 3:38 Mark On Media Player). Also on the Thursday, October 8 PODCAST were folks from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  They are one of the companies providing coverage in the state’s new Medicaid expansion coverage HIP 2.0.  Part of the deal struck between President Barack Obama and Governor Mike Pence to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  Anthem execs Marcus White, Jean Caster and Dr. Stanley Reed talked with Amos about Anthem’s services they provide members who have Anthem’s HIP 2.0 coverage.  Coverage that includes mental health treatment and services.  Anthem’s Hip 2.0 coverage also includes transportation services to get people to their doctors and medical services and other personal services by Anthem employees.  The Anthem execs also heard from listeners about issues, problems with HIP 2.0.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Thursday, October 8, 2015 Runs 92 Minutes/ ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.  PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.