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  Among Christian rock band dc Talk’s numerous achievements, one of the most significant is their continued timelessness in speaking to relevant spiritual issues, including racial tension in America.

Even though the band’s most notable album, Jesus Freak—which astonished and challenged longtime listeners and reached countless new fans—was released 20 years ago in 1995, it continues to fulfill the band’s goal to “encourage listeners to question themselves and to seek out truth,” TobyMac said on the band’s official website.

The Jesus Freak album propelled TobyMac, along with Michael Tait and Kevin Max, into increased mainstream success, in part because of its variety of genre sounds but perhaps also due to the timeliness of its message, particularly that of “Colored People,” the controversial song that became one of four from that album to be made into a music video aired on MTV.

The song emphasizes that God deliberately created people to have a kaleidoscope of skin colors; it challenges listeners to think of each other as fellow humans and not to let ignorance or mistakes disrupt racial harmony today.

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