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The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, October 20, 2015. The next to last Candidate Tuesday of the 2015 Indianapolis City-County Council Elections featured a repeat appearance by candidates in Districts 11, 13, 14 and 17.  They appeared in early September and because they represent four of the eight minority-majority Council Districts, the candidates were invited back. To remind you the Districts.

Council District 11

Source: Council District 11 / City of Indy

Council District 11, which includes the west side of downtown, Indiana Avenue, IUPUI, Haughville, UNWA, Riverside, Eagledale, Old Northside, Fall Creek Place neighborhoods The District is. 37.4% White, 10.7% Hispanic, 51.9% Black.

Council District 13

Source: City of Indy

Council District 13 includes Eastern Forest Manor, the Devon and Devington neighborhoods, and areas of the far eastside. The district includes neighborhoods north of I-70, south of 46th Street, east of Emerson and west of Post Road. The District is 25.7% White; 68.7% Black; 6.9% Hispanic.

Council District 14

Source: City of Indy

Council District 14, encompasses southeastern Lawrence Township and Northeastern Warren Township. Neighborhoods in the area bounded by 21st Street on the South, 46th Street on the north, Post Road on the West and the Hancock County Line on the east. The District is – 26.4% White, 63.0% Black; 12.9% Hispanic.

Council District 17

Source: City of Indy

Council District 17, which includes the neighborhoods of  eastern part of downtown, the near east side, Brookside Park, Martindale Brightwood, the southern part of Forest Manor. The district stretches as far east as Emerson, as far north as 34th and as far south as Washington and Prospect Streets.   The District is – 40.9% white; 51.9% Black; 8.2% Hispanic.

Candidate Tuesday Photos Sept 15 show

Rev. Stephen Clay, District 13

Candidate Tuesday Photos Sept 15 show

LaKeisha Jackson, District 14

Candidate Tuesday Photos Sept 15 show

Zach Adamson, District 17

Candidate Tuesday Photos Sept 15 show

Vop Osili, District 11

(Interview with Democratic Candidates In Districts 11, 13, 14 and 17 Starts At 0:37 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Vop Osili is the Democratic candidate in Council District 11.  The Rev. Stephen Clay is the Democratic Candidate in Council District 13. LaKeisha Jackson is the Democratic Candidate in Council District 14. Zach Adamson is the Democratic Candidate in Council District 17. All four appeared on the program.  The four Democratic incumbents expressed their views on a wide range of issues especially creating jobs in their districts, requiring more city contracts be done with contractors based in Marion County or who hire Marion County workers. They also talked about the need to create economic development opportunities in neighborhoods as opposed to downtown.  The candidates opposed the City help provide funds to for a makeover of Circle Centre Mall.  They were also very suspicious of providing support for a proposed development of the IPS Bus Yards on Mass Ave; the last undeveloped property in one of Indianapolis’ hottest districts.  The candidates stressed the importance of voting on November 3rd. Or casting an early vote before then at the City-County Building in the County Clerk’s Office. Candidates also discussed the continuing problem of abandoned homes and property and what needs to be done. Crime, body and dashcams for police and public safety and infrastructure was also discussed. As were the issues of Mayor Ballard’s efforts on electric cars, responsibility of City-County Councilors to their districts and much, much more. The four Republican candidates in these four districts were invited.  They are: District 11 Candidate Remington O’Guin, District 13 Candidate Terri Miller-Penquite; District 14 Candidate Terry Dove and District 17 Candidate Sally Spiers. O’Guin who appeared on Candidate Tuesday didn’t appear this time.  Neither did the other three candidates. Despite the Republican candidates no shows, listeners brought up a number of subjects in an extended Open Line segment. The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, October 20, 2015 Runs 92 Minutes. ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.  PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad. [theplatform account=”BCY3OC” media=”jfurxTXdg5wv” player=”xFJXq1diB1tB”]

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