Acclaimed gospel singer/songwriter Deon Kipping releases a new EP  A PLACE CALLED VICTORY, available today.  Driven by the rousing hit single “Place Called Victory,” the album comprises 4 tracks, including “By Myself,” “The Blessing Is Yours,” and “I Want it All.”  Kipping releases the contemplative track “By Myself” to radio today also, as his second single.

Thrilled to bring fans his new songs on A PLACE CALLED VICTORY, Kipping says, “I am so grateful for all the love and support that I have received for my single ‘Place Called Victory’ thus far, and I am excited for everyone to hear ‘By Myself.’ At times many of us try to handles our issues on our own and most times our way never works. This new song is an honest declaration for the people of God that lets the world know we cannot make it without him, an anthem for those are willing to give everything to God and say Lord, I need your help.”

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source: TheGospelGuru.com

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