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KirkfranklinWhen people tend to look at celebrities: be it singers, actors, or anyone in the spotlight. If they follow them enough and read about them enough, many people think they know them. But many don’t know what it took to get there. Kirk Franklin is no different.

Kirk admits to weaknesses. In fact, he says more people should be brave and admit their weaknesses to focus on their own recovery.

People often try to be superhuman when in fact they’re just like the regular guy, Clark Kent, says Franklin. And according to the award-winning Gospel artist, there is nothing wrong with just being Clark Kent.

“It seems like it’s a bad thing these days to admit weakness, to acknowledge your own lack of power to accomplish something on your own. It’s the same when you think of how many lives could be saved if mainly men would stop fooling themselves, respond to the pain in their chest, or the lump in their neck and run to the doctor for a check up,” he explained.

kirk franklin

It’s difficult to admit weakness, Franklin said, because society places such a high standard on people, especially celebrities, sports figures, and politicians.

“I had a sister that had a real bad drug problem. She spent over a decade in prison — prostitution. So, we lived that life and it was a difficult life. I was 15 when my dude got killed and when he got killed is when I got closer to faith. That’s when I really just developed my own relationship with the Lord.”

“Also at 15 I got a young lady pregnant, paid for an abortion, dropped out of school. For two years I was sleeping in a car. I kind of got into a little bit of trouble, I had to spend some nights locked down.”

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