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Police tape cordons off the crime scene

A man ticketed by the NYPD for spitting on a subway platform turned out to be wanted for a murder committed in Brooklyn this past November. Officials looked up the man’s name and learned that he is a suspect connected to the murder of Jean-Claude Bernagene, a man found dead in front of a Brooklyn residence. [Gothamist]

After Donald Trump received an endorsement from Chris Christie and suggested building a wall to keep immigrants from entering the country, Twitter users started the trending hashtag #NeverTrump. Many of these tweets recall a number of the Republican’s ridiculous comments. Check them out here. [Complex]

A French health official confirmed the first case of the Zika virus in France, in a non-pregnant woman. The director says the woman didn’t travel, but her partner had returned from Brazil, where he was infected with the virus. He says they are both doing well. [ABC News]

Three Black students at the University of Albany, who claim to be victims of a hate crime, are being accused of lying about the incident. The women are now charged with assault and giving out a false statement to police. They are expected to be in court this coming Monday. [Time]


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