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Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Las Vegas

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Six former contestants of “The Apprentice”, including the show’s Season 4 winner Randal Pinkett, are planning to hold a news conference this morning in New York to denounce the Republican front-runner and their former boss on the show Donald Trump. Their denouncement comes ahead of Tuesday’s April 19th primary in the state.  After hearing about the plan, Trump decided to fire back at them. On Wednesday Trump called the group “six failing wannabes” and said “they should be careful or I’ll play hours of footage of them individually praising me.”

The other five contestants who will join the very accomplished Rhodes Scholar, Pinkett, are Season 1 runner-up, Kwame Jackson; Kevin Allen from Season 2; Tara Dowdell from Season 3; Marshawn Evans Daniels from Season 4; and James Sun from Season 6. Among their many issues with Trump is they believe he is strategically using fear, hatred and prejudice as tools to divide the American culture on his march to the U.S. presidency. They feel he is inviting the worst demons from this nation’s past to rise to center stage throughout his campaign–a tactic that none of them feel is presidential so they’re taking a stand.

'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Red Carpet Event

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Meanwhile, one of the former contestants of the show has for months served in the role of Trump surrogate out on the campaign trail, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. ‘Omarosa’ appeared on at least three seasons of the show and has been one of his most vocal African-American celebrity defenders.

To read more about ‘The Apprentice Six’ and their anti-Trump-for-president positions, click HERE.


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